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Program Description– Ace2Three, India´s first online rummy portal offers world-class online gaming experience to more than 12 Million users in rummy card games. Play free rummy and cash rummy tournaments with players across India. Experience the fun and excitement of playing classical Indian rummy online and win cash prizes every day.

Campaign Description– Is to bring in rummy players and make the deposit. 

Campaign Objective– User has to install and register themselves and verify their game account and then deposit the amount to play the game.

Targeting – 21-45 Yr-old Indian Males/Females 

Terms and Brand Guidelines-

  1. Demography and Gender – Male Audience with age 22 and above
  2. No ads to be promoted on content apps/mWeb related to Religion, Kids, Coronavirus
  3. No Targeting in areas where Rummy is illegal – 
    1. Telengana
    2. Orissa
    3. Nagaland
    4. Sikkim
    5. Assam
    6. J&K

Market– PAN India except the cities mentioned above