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Essential Tips to Stay Safe in a Hotel

As we move towards unlocking phases, businesses start to reopen, and many of us get tempted to travel on holidays and work.

As the COVID-19 pandemic does not seem to end shortly, we must adjust to the new norm. We cannot reduce the risk to zero but do everything in our power to minimize it. So, if you too have chosen to flee and stay at a hotel, please take all safeguards. We have listed some safety tips for your trip for convenience.

Go to a safe place, avoid going out to red zone areas

The main tip for safe travel is to select your destination wisely and to avoid any location with more cases. Although there is no guarantee as people in a hotel come from different corners of the country, making an informed decision is always better.

Check out hotel cleanliness and sanitization measures

Before making a hotel reservation, we recommend checking the security measures they take to protect guests. Whether the staff adheres to recommendations like masks and hand sanitizer in common areas, other measures needed to be followed by hotels are floor marking, guests’ education signs on COVID-19, frequent disinfecting of public places, and contactless check-in/checkout. If the hotel’s policies are transparent and have communicated them on its website, it is undoubtedly a good sign. If you have any doubts, call the hotel and ask directly.

Keep social distance at all times and use a mask

Ensure that you abide by all WHO COVID-19 safety protocols, including wearing a mask, avoiding touching surfaces, washing hands regularly, and maintaining a maximum distance of six feet. Remember, we’re still amid a vaccine-free pandemic.

Sanitize your room

Although hotels should sanitize rooms correctly between guests, doubling will only increase your safety. So clean yourself quickly, notably on hi-touch points such as door handles, TV and AC devices, light switches, and flat surfaces such as desks or side tables. Bring your linens and towels for an additional protection layer.

Decline housekeeping to minimize contact in your room

The housekeeping staff must certainly take all precautions, but there is always a slight risk of improper use of the masks. Well, it’s not harmful to be extra careful, so skip housekeeping. You can always ask for anything outside your door.

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Keep windows open to maintain ventilation inside the room

Ventilation is an essential factor in preventing the spread of the virus causing COVID-19. We recommended avoiding using things that recirculate air inside the room, such as AC or fan. If it is unavoidable to recirculate, increase the outdoor air exchange by opening windows, if possible, and minimize air blowing directly from one person to another.

In-room dining option

Dining in your room has a double benefit. First of all, it’s more comfortable and comfortable. Secondly, your contact with others will be restricted, as you can’t eat or drink on a mask. You can always request contactless delivery for additional safety.

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Avoid common facilities for hotels

Even if the hotel has opened all its facilities, it is advisable not to use them. Shared hotel facilities such as a gym and spa may cause severe issues, as masks can be pretty complicated in these places. And even if you and others do not, their respiratory secretions could go longer. The risk for a spa may be slightly lower, but we recommend avoiding using it as it involves physical interaction.

⊕ What to do if you get sick while staying in the hotel?

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, dry cough, or fatigue, you should inform the facility manager by contacting local health agencies and seek medical advice. The guest, including fellow travelers, should be isolated. If you can not separate the guest or the staff has to go into the room, the ill person must put on a medical mask, and people in the vicinity should wear a mask. If the sick person cannot tolerate the medical Mask, they should cough or sneeze in a bent elbow or use a tissue to cover the mouth, and immediately throw the tissue into a closed waste bag.