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FAQ On Referral Program

Additional information on the offer

Referral codes are available and can only get shared with users of CouponsABC. This offer is a discount for guests. The reference code shared with your friend applies to all transactions made with the CouponsABC cashback programs.

Please contact@couponsabc.com in case you don’t receive the credit in your CouponsABC wallet.

How much money can you earn with CouponsABC through this referral program?

The amount of money that you can earn in your CouponsABC wallet is not limited. If your referrals transact with CouponsABC cashback stores, you receive a 10% cashback income credited to your wallet in real-time.

My friend cannot use the reference code

After receiving the reference code, your friend can visit CouponsABC, register as a new user, shop from his or her preferred online cashback stores, and earn cashback as well as free coupons, offers, deals, and discounts. If your friends find it difficult to use your reference code, please write to contact@couponsabc.com.

How long is my reference code valid?

Your referral code is unique without expiry and provides the referral advantages applicable according to the current referral scheme.

Will my CouponsABC wallet be credited if my friend cancels or if my friend doesn’t complete any transaction?

The referral program includes your CouponsABC wallet credit for the success of your referral transaction. So if your friend does not complete the transaction, you are not eligible for a credit in your wallet CouponsABC.

How long do I have until my CouponsABC wallet credit expires/invalid or when I can withdraw my money?

The credit available in your CouponsABC wallet gets accumulated, and you can withdraw that once you reach the withdrawal limit of INR 2500. You can transfer it to your bank or wallet like PayTM, GPAY, & more.

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns regarding this programs or its usage.