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Fun games you can play during the lockdown

Due to the socially distant laws adopted to combat the outbreak of the COVID-19, most of us spend unprecedented time at home. And while the remote console or the game console may seem like the apparent time-killer, long hours on the TV will probably only add to any frustration and itchy feet.

We are sure that we can help you get the most out of this lock because you never know if you will spend so much time together under the same roof. Indoor life can become “everything work and less play,” revolving around food routines, home routines, cooking, working, and sleeping. Yes, we get it; you miss bonding outside the home with other people and friends. You may skip this badminton or golf game. But you can do more at home continue reading to plan the fun night of the family game for years to come.

Play Cards

No family game night without a card game involving everyone is complete. Spades, Spoons, Egyptian War, and Crazy Eights are classic card games that get loved throughout the family. Fun games such as Go Fish, Memory, and Slapjack are perfect for younger kids. Apples to Apples is another hilarious game for everyone to add to the queue, from the kids to the grandparents.

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Everyone Favourite Board Games

Bring your family’s competitive side with a fun family board games session. Discover a technology-free night with games such as Life, Monopoly, and Clue. You can’t go wrong with Operation or Candy Land for more fun, child-friendly games. Board games keep your brains active, and your whole household laughs throughout the night.

Play with Dice

With all the latest game consoles and smartphones taking over, dice games are not just fun but straightforward, irrespective of how old you are. Games such as Bunco, Yahtzee, and Beat That! are popular nighttime games to teach. Dice games teach social skills such as losing and gaining gracefully, teaching children numbers, and introducing children to strategic thinking.

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Hide & Seek

One of the most exciting games that we enjoyed as children, it’s time to revive these memories! Hide behind the sofa or other people in the bathroom; the choice is yours!


The family’s alternative indoor activity is a puzzle. Use puzzles to talk to your family and catch up. Make a family portrait or picture of a family animal’s puzzle to make puzzles even more fun. Staying at home in the lockdown will be monotonous and boring soon. You can connect with your family during such times over simple games that you can play at home. Try your hand in the games to make your lockdown more exciting and fun with your family.


This classic board game is an all-time favorite for families for ages. You’re rolling dice around the game board. The board is littered with trade and properties to be bought and developed. You collect money for rent, and properties get sold and traded. You can even go to the board in prison. The goal is to lead your opponent to insolvency. The Monopoly online is also fun. You can invite additional players, and you don’t have physical parts of dealing with, so there is no chance of a mess. It’s a fun and exciting game that you can play while locking with your family.

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Online Ludo

This game has been quite fancy since the announcement of the lockdown. It takes online the much-beloved classic games. The Ludo online games also have a chat feature where you can tease losers or gossip. It’s a great way to connect with family and friends, especially for those who stay away.

Musical Chairs

You sit for hours without any physical activity at the lockdown. How about changing that with a musical chair game. You’ve got to put chairs in line for your birthday parties, with every adjacent chair facing the opposite side. The participants walk around the chairs while the music plays. Everyone must sit on the nearest chair as soon as the music stops—those who are unable to find a place loses.