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How to increase oxygen levels at your home

The coronavirus crisis in India is at its peak. The city-to-city oxygen crisis has arisen with record-breaking cases every day. There is an outcry throughout due to the new strain of COVID-19. A high proportion of patients have difficulty breathing, and their level of oxygen decreases rapidly. If oxygen is not available during this period to them, their health condition goes severe.

With an increasing demand for oxygen supply, it is essential to ensure that a situation like this gets prevented. Increased oxygen at home may help improve your symptoms if you struggle with chronic diseases. Even the healthiest can benefit from better air circulation and removal of pollutants at home from the air. You can increase the oxygen level of your home, depending on your needs and goals; let’s see some ways you can improve the level of oxygen at your home.

Your home ventilation

Open your windows. You can spend a lot of time indoors, in winter in particular. Open a window to enable fresh, oxygenated air inside your home. If the temperature is sufficient, open two windows to increase air circulation on the opposite side of your home. Try to open your windows 3-4 times a day.

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Close your cupboards & drawers

When you open doors or windows to allow fresh air, close the doors of your wardrobes, cupboards, and other areas. It helps air travel around your home without being trapped and brings fresh oxygenated air to your house.

Install extractor fans

Install an extractor fan in your home, over your stove, and in your bathroom, if you do not have them. These extract damp and smelling air from your house, which helps to improve ventilation and to keep the air fresh in your home—clean fans with warm water and a degrading solution every few months, especially in the kitchen. Clean them as often as suggested in your fan’s user guide.

Get an air filter

Go to your local hardware store, shopping mall, or online shop. Numerous air filters can purify the air in your home and increase the oxygen in your home.

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Embrace nature & plant trees at home

Put in your house plants. Indoor plants fill your home to purify the air and increase the oxygen in your room. Put plants in the rooms you use most if you have a small space, such as your bedroom and kitchen. If you have pets, research online to make sure they are not toxic before purchasing plants. All plants are good to boost your home’s oxygen.

Use a handheld oxygen tank

Oxygen comes in a lightweight, portable units that are simple to carry with you around the house. Ask your doctor for an oxygen tank prescription. You will perform some lung function tests and prescribe the right amount of oxygen. Place a clear nosepiece inside your nosepiece to obtain direct oxygen from the tank.

Oxygen therapy should be used carefully at home. When using oxygen, always follow safety precautions: Do not smoke, put heat, or fire in your oxygen containers. You can use oxygen therapy all the time or only during sleep, depending on your symptoms and your doctor’s recommendations.

The intake of oxygen should get carefully monitored whenever the tank gets used. Medical equipment is only suitable for individuals with particular diseases. Talk to your doctor about these options for you.

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Get an oxygen concentrator

The oxygen concentrator plugs into an outlet, filters the oxygen continuously from your environment, and channels it through the face mask or nasal cell. If you need a lot of concentrated oxygen at home because of a chronic illness, this is a good option. Your doctor can propose a good machine, and a health care professional will establish it and show you how to use it.

Difference between oxygen cylinder & concentrator

Both oxygen cylinder and oxygen concentrate supply oxygen to patients who need it. But the delivery methods are very different. The main difference is how oxygen gets supplied. The oxygen cylinder is compressed into a limited amount of oxygen and inhaled by the user until it runs out. Oxygen concentrators filter and produce oxygen of medical standard, in an infinite supply as long as it has power.


You can consult your doctor if you wish to increase oxygen in your home due to a chronic health condition. They can help you find the best solution and help you improve your symptoms with medical treatment.