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How to relieve travel related stress

During travel, safety at the airport and other factors have always been a little stressful in recent years. You can take simple steps to reduce your next trip’s stress regardless of whether you are traveling for business, holidays, or seeing loved ones.

The following suggestions are a little less stressful for your travel experience.

Prepare ahead of time

Check your airline’s website before heading home for delays and prevent time spent in a waiting room. Airport websites are also helpful because they can inform you of pre-implemented security measures that enable you to plan accordingly. It may be worse to wait for a taxi or try to find a hotel when you reach your destination, so make any necessary bookings before time.

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Pack wisely

Wisely packaging your trip saves you much stress. Please make a list of all you need to bring and check it as you pack it to ensure you don’t lose any importance. Pack the night before you leave to avoid the stress of rushing and to allow you to recall and pack items you might otherwise forget. Keep things you may need while traveling in your bags, but keep the rest of your items in your bag to reduce the risk of being held at security checkpoints.

Comfortably dress up

While passengers used to fly, we now understand the importance of clothing for comfort during travel. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes (for rushing through the airport and walking to and from your car, which may need to be parked far away). Wear clothes in which you can move and wear them all day long. If you’re going to a cold climate somewhere, dress in layers; you’re going to be warm but cold as soon as you get there.

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Take good care of yourself

Take your vitamins, sleep well the night before your trip and keep some stress relievers in hand to reduce your chance of getting sick of the travel stress and germs in the airplane. (Nothing more stressful than having a case of sniffles – or worse – derailed your carefully planned trip.)

Arrive Early

Enabling plenty of time before the flight can alleviate some of the stress of finding a parking lot, checking bags, security, and other travel aspects that are much stressful in time. You can read a book early on, hear music or take a walk through the airport before you depart. If you get delayed, you will not need to spend energy on the lack of your flight.

Eat well in advance

Eating a healthful meal before leaving for the airport can reduce stress in several ways: you won’t have to buy expensive airport food, you won’t have to rely on in-flight food (which may have doubtful nutritional value or taste) (which can affect your mood).

Keep on hand some stress relievers

Breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and other fast stress relievers can help you calm down faster if you get stunned.

Have the right attitude

Consider this not a stressful ordeal but an adventure—or, at least, a challenge. Traveling with the right attitude can be much less stressful (and other preparations).

Further suggestions

Put your carry-on bag with metal items (such as keys) instead of your pocks to avoid having to empty them as you pass the metal detector in the airport. Travel early in the day; previous flights are less likely to be delayed. Bring a fascinating new book, for example, so that you can relax during delayed & long flights.