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How to save money on medication

Approximately half of Indians use at least one prescription drug. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably noticed that prescription medications can be pretty costly and that prices are rising.

You have resources to help you save money while still prioritizing your health. To begin, if you ask, your doctor and pharmacist can be beneficial. They won’t know if you don’t speak up. Even if cost isn’t a factor in your medication regimen, the following suggestions may help you save money.

Attempt generics

Generic medications contain the same active ingredients as brand-name medications, but they are significantly less expensive. Would you mind not waiting until you get to the pharmacy to request a generic; inform your doctor or other healthcare providers that you prefer generics before they write the prescription?

Many popular but previously costly medications are now available generically or even over-the-counter (OTC); prioritize obtaining these cost-saving alternatives. Always check with your doctor to see if a generic is available. If a generic is not available, inquire if there is a comparable drug with a generic version.

Price comparison

Before booking a flight, you weigh the costs of departing at different times or using another airline. To save a few dollars on clothing, you might wait for a sale or buy another brand. Why should it be any different when it comes to picking up your prescription?

Even though almost everyone requires a prescription at some point in their lives, many people are unaware that prices vary between pharmacies. Don’t be concerned. Even if you take multiple medications, you do not need to visit various pharmacies to compare prices. Instead, search your prescription on different sellers at CouponsABC and get the best deals from pharmacies for you.

Look for a discount code

When a new drug is released, it is frequently expensive and only available in its brand-name form. Often, drug manufacturers will provide coupons to people who meet specific criteria, such as providing medical information or being insured.

The prescription savings are fantastic, but not everyone will be able to take advantage of them. To entice customers to fill prescriptions with them, some retail pharmacies will offer coupons. As a new customer, you could, for example, receive a 30% off code for your first prescription. For instance, at CouponsABC, we have codes offering up to 60% off medications at our pharmacy stores.

Increase your dosage

You can use a pill splitter to divide some prescription medications. Inquire with your doctor if this is the case with your medication and if a double dose is possible. For instance, you can get 10-milligram (mg) pills that you can divide into 5-mg pills. Some medications, such as enteric-coated capsules or tablets, or those that release drugs gradually, cannot be split.

Purchase a larger quantity

Instead of getting a 30-day prescription and paying an insurance copay each time, ask for a 90-day supply, so you only have to pay one copay every three months. It is effective for long-term medications.

Look around

The retail price of medications varies. Some pharmacies purchase directly from drug manufacturers, while others use a mediator, which can raise prices. Call local pharmacies to compare prices, or use a computer or smartphone app to do the legwork for you.

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Check for the best prices, but also speak with your pharmacist, who may find a way to reduce the cost to keep you as a satisfied patient. Because your pharmacist can help you maintain medication consistency and check for drug interactions, side effects, and allergies, it is best to keep all prescriptions at the same pharmacy as much as possible.

The proper medication can change — and even save — your life. But it won’t be able to do that if you can’t afford it. Knowing your options can help ensure that you get the medications you require when you require them.