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How You Can Save Money On a Family Trip

Whether you go on a holiday or a family trip, traveling with kids can be a costly business – not least the extra money you spend while you are there on snacks and drinks.

Why not try these super-skilled money-saving tips to help your funds get further?

Switch to a coupon hunter

It would be best to look online for coupon codes and deals for days before you even think about where you will go and what you will do.

If you’re heading to a specific museum, theme park, or attraction, check your website for last-minute deals or group discounts in advance. It may mean reservation in advance, but the overall cost of your trip could differ significantly. And it’s not only online, you’re also going to find offers. Keep your eyes peeled for offers on hotels, groceries, cereals, and local cabs.

Do some digging

If you’re heading for a specific part, don’t just go online and use social media to collect tonnes of top tips and wise words from people who were there and had a T-shirt, as they say!

Ask friends – even try the CouponsABC forum – what tips for saving money they can offer. Parking could be free if you park a couple of streets and walk. Or, perhaps there’s a restaurant that won’t break the bank. Maybe the money’s not worth where you went, and instead, there’s a great free attraction to go nearby.

Somebody may even have unwanted tickets to go to or can provide you with a discount code if you’re not asking.

Search for some friends

Certain attractions offer discounts if you are in a big group. If you’d like to meet family or friends, why not go all book together? Moreover, you have additional pairs of hands to help your children, and you can even share your car, which reduces the cost of getting back and forth. Clever!

Also, read from our blogs how to save money on cloths.

Carry your lunch

One of the most expensive parts of a day with the kids is to buy lunch, so why not cut the price and have lunch with you? And you don’t have to settle for sandwiches that become soggy when you eat them.

Bring your own (water) with you!

Days out can be thirsty – mainly when it’s a sunny day. But every time someone feels a little parched, they can stop for a drink. Pack your bottles of water and drink cups to make everyone drink. Plus, you can only ask for tap water if it is running out or fill a drinking fountain for free. Bringing your drinks to the environment is also great so that you can save the environment and save money.

Also, you can grab Oyo coupons to save money on hotel’s in case you want to book some during your trip.

Oh, and if your children aren’t the most significant water fans, add some fruity flavor by adding orange and strawberry slices and mint before adding them. Yum!

Carry packs of snacks

You have had lunch, you walk around with the kids, and then you hear those two words, “I’m starving.”

Before you know, you are in the queue for the nearest kiosk or service station and spend a small fortune on waste to keep them calm – er, we mean, packed. Why not avoid this scary, entirely realistic scenario by taking your snacks – and lots of them. Pack more than you think you’re going to need. Who knows when, at the end of a busy day, you’re stuck in a traffic jam or need to console a tired, teary kid.

Be savvy

Most of the attractions want you ‘soon to return.’ They usually encourage a return journey by offering you a discount or the next time you want to visit on the back of your ticket. There is also room for a ‘annual ticket’ at some attractions, which can mean spending a little more to make return trips virtually accessible in the next year.