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Tips to avoid food wastage

Food waste is not only harmful to our wallets, but it also hurts the planet. Fortunately, you can help reduce the amount of food your family waste and throw out every week.

We have done everything, reached in the refrigerator for food, and chucked it out as it has passed by its best. The same applies to the remaining on children’s plates – unwanted and untouched veg is much easier to scrape into a bin rather than store it the next day, right?

But waste food is not just harmful to your bank balance – it’s also detrimental to the planet because you buy more than you need. That’s because the food we’re throwing out is in deposits where methane gas gets emitted, one of the worst greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

Reducing our food waste is essential to stop this, and – fortunately – it’s easier than you can believe. From simple meal schedules to sophisticated food shopping habits, you can now cut food waste from your family – and save the planet.

1. Shop more, purchase less

Most of us use a weekly shop to feed the family, but environmental experts are more likely to shop and buy less. Although shopping weekly may be convenient, the downside is that it can make it harder to use things on time. It is also more likely that you are going to buy more than you need.

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Shopping ‘small and often’ means you get used to buying and replacing what you need when consumed, which can help reduce your weekly food waste. Give it a try!

2. Stick to your shopping list

Going to the supermarket with children in the town can easily distract you. With ‘Mummm, can we get this’ screams, especially every two minutes?

You have come to the check-out before you know a whole bunch of things you never intended to buy – and you will probably forget about them once you get home and never eat. A good old-fashioned shopping list can help here. Whether your phone uses pen and paper or an app, keep a shopping list ready for each shopping period and then stick to it.

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It should also help get the children to tick the list so that they aren’t distracted by the things they don’t need. Why not plan a weekly meal to improve your shopping list?

3. Keep food carefully and properly

You should choke food because it’s stale or spoiled in the fridge by investing in a reusable airtight box or freezer bags to keep things as fresh as possible and make sure you save it correctly. You’re going to notice the difference! Food experts also recommend lining the kitchen roll drawers to absorb moisture and keep the fruit and veg fresher longer.

4. Don’t waste the food

When you eat out, you don’t have to waste food. If the children are often defeated or simply not hungry by huge portions in their restaurants, take a Tupperware and ask to take it home later! Make sure you chill it in the fridge and heat it again until it’s hot before you eat.

5. Think before throwing

Before you throw away food, you have to double-check it. If it has a “best before” date and looks OK, then it’s OK to keep an extra day. Just recall using it asap! Certain foods like meat and milk are OK to freeze on or before the date of ‘use,’ so if you don’t go and try to use them, freeze them – don’t chuck!

Have you changed your views on the waste of food? Are you going to try to follow our suggestions?