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Tips to Cut Costs on Wedding Flowers

Do you want beautiful fresh flowers for your wedding but are on a tight budget? Here are our best floral-filled party ideas that won’t break the bank.

Whatever your wedding priorities are, there are numerous ways to cut costs for any aspect of a wedding day. We’ve outlined several unique strategies that will allow you to have beautiful flowers on a budget when it comes to wedding flowers.

Talk to your florist about your budget

Be open and honest with your florist about your budget. Give your florist as many guidelines as you think are necessary, but give them some creative license as well. Try to make suggestions based on style and palette, but let your florist choose the flowers that make the most sense based on your funds.

Stay seasonal and local

Flowers that are locally grown and in season are the way to go. This ensures the freshest blooms, as well as less expensive items. Your second-best option is to select from year-round flowers such as roses, calla lilies, and orchids. You’ll also save money on transportation.

Select big flowers

Yes, cymbidium orchids are more expensive than spray roses, but they will make a much larger statement in your centerpieces. Talk to your florist about incorporating some more expensive stems into your style, and let them figure out how to make the pricing work. These flowers often have a more potent punch, which means you need fewer of them. So you might be able to have the luxurious blooms while staying within your budget. Forget about the customs.

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Choose a florist you can rely on, and then let her expertise help you achieve the look you want. Share images to narrow down your style and color palette, and then let the florist choose items that complement your style and your budget.

Be honest about your financial situation

It is not a sin to plan a wedding on a tight budget. Tell your florist your budget before you get into the finer points of your dream wedding flowers. This will assist them in guiding you to make the consultation more useful and avoid a major surprise when you receive the quote.

The first and most crucial step in determining how to save money on wedding flowers is to discuss your wedding budget with your partner to ensure that you’re both on the same page. Talk about every aspect of your wedding, including your wedding flowers and floral decorations. When creating a budget, determine which parts of your wedding are non-negotiable and must-haves.

Conduct extensive online research

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Limit yourself to only two types

If your florist only needs two types of stems, she can buy them in bulk and save you a lot of money. For a more cohesive look, stick to flowers in the same color scheme or shape. Flowers such as orchids, calla lilies, tulips, roses, hydrangeas, and peonies are all excellent choices.

Recycle your flowers

Do not leave your ceremony preparations at the altar! Aisle arrangements can be used to flank the buffet, bridesmaid bouquets can be used to add color to a cake table, and an archway can be used to make a memorable exit. To get the most bang for your buck, talk to your florist about reusing your ceremony flowers.

When possible, incorporate greenery into your arrangements. Lush leaves will help fill patterns while remaining stylish. Choose leafy garlands, herbaceous bridesmaid bouquets, and ferns that look like they belong in a forest.

We hope this post has inspired you to look for cost-effective alternatives that work for you and your wedding plans!