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Tips to Save Money on Shoes Purchase

Saving money on shoes is as simple as making small changes in how and where you shop. You’ll be able to save a lot of money if you change the way you shop and the styles you buy.

From fashionable summer sandals that won’t give you blisters to the elusive winter boot that’s both warm and fashionable, the search for the perfect pair of shoes can seem endless. And, as the shoe boxes in your closet pile up, so do the credit card bills. Luckily, you can keep your budget in check without completely giving up your shoe habit. Here are some tips for saving money while still looking stylish from the ankle down.

Purchase higher-quality shoes

Purchasing cheap shoes can help you save money, but you may end up replacing those pairs more frequently because they wear out quickly. Instead, consider investing in higher-quality shoes for work and daily wear to ensure that your initial investment lasts longer. Quality, like many other things, can be worth the purchase. A good pair of shoes can last for a long time.

Visit the factory outlets

Consider visiting a factory outlet mall in your area for deep discounts on designer merchandise. Many shoe retailers, including Adidas and Nike, have stores in these outlets so that you can get those more expensive pairs at a discount. Waiting for shoes to go on sale before purchasing them can result in significant savings. If you’re going to buy an Rs.5000 pair of shoes, why not wait until it’s on sale for 30% off?

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Take good care of your footwear

As with many purchases, how we care for our shoes may influence how frequently we need to replace them. If you wear more excellent shoes in bad weather, they will suffer from wear and tear. So look after them!

Shop during the off-season

The most suitable time to buy shoes depends on the type of shoes you want, or, perhaps more accurately, buy them strategically. Buying shoes at the right time and point in the season is similar to buying a winter jacket at the end of the season when retailers look to clear out the season’s inventory.

If you’re looking for running shoes, go shopping in April or May, when stores are clearing out their winter inventory. If you want to buy sandals, March is your best bet, and if you’re going to stock up on winter shoes, plan on getting the best deals in the spring and summer by shopping the clearance section.

Restore worn-out shoes

Sometimes we don’t even need to buy new shoes. Why not try to repair your shoes instead of buying new ones? It will not be possible with all shoes, nor would you want to do it with all shoes. However, there are times when you can not repair it rather than being discarded to purchase new ones.

Make use of reward points and cashback

If you use a rewards credit card frequently, check the terms to see if clothing and shoes qualify for points or cashback. Some credit card companies send out limited-time promotional offers on specific types of purchases, such as clothing or entertainment, that earn you extra points or bonuses.

Finally, shopping for shoes at the right time of year can help you save even more money. For example, instead of buying spring shoes right away, wait a few months and buy when prices begin to fall. Even better, wait until the end-of-season clearance sales to purchase shoes for the following year.